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As I’m taking some time to organize my thoughts into coherent and meaningful passages, I thought I would share a very special poem that I wrote years ago during a very intensely emotional time in my life… it seems I am once again a fountain of endless creativity and inspiration during this new chapter in my life.  I hope you enjoy the change of scenery…

* * * * * * * *

Dawn wraps me in your arms,

cradling me a last time, ere time charms.

Late to sleep and slow to rise,

we conform to the labor our body denies.

Out in the center of the placid lake,

we finally breathe in deeply and awake.

For the reflection of both minds,

in the glass lake, itself it finds.

Rocking gently and spinning steadily,

I open my eyes and behold readily.

The early morn shines within our pond,

lovely as ever can be as ever a bond.

With me and with you,

the image stands naked, beautiful and true.

– circa 1999