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How do we reconcile our desire to be open and honest with our dislike of burdening others? How do we know if the benefits outweigh the negatives? How can we tell if we are healthily sharing and talking and not dumping…? Or how can we determine if we’re wrongly leaning too hard on others in order to avoid the fear of standing alone and more likely falling? How can we recognize a healthy partnership?

How do we gain the ability to trust others when over and over our trust is betrayed?

How can we tell if we’re truthful with ourselves? How do we know there isn’t some deeply rooted secret, so hidden, we can’t even see it ourselves?

How do we make risky decisions with every confidence it’s the right one? How can we make decisions when we’re not 100% sure? How can we show ourselves we’re making the same old habitually bad decisions? How do we know they’re bad? How can we control our fear of staying ingrained within these habits?

How can we live without fear?

How do we harness our inner strength and know it’s ours and ours alone? How do we embrace ourselves? How do we find the whole happiness within ourselves?


How can we love others and not love ourselves, not believing we should be loved?

How can we tell we’re ready?  Are we ever?

How can we tell if our actions are for the right reasons, not part of some façade we want to project? How do we know if that façade is wrong? How can we rip away the façade and not be vulnerable?

How did we become so selfish? How can we selflessly be selfless, not selfless out of obligation?

How can we avoid wanting the grass on the other side? How can we long for more, be curious for more, but still revel in the moment?

How do we know what we really want? How do we finally get what we want only to find out it’s not what we wanted? How do we know it’s still the same or if we have changed ourselves or changed it?

How do our desires exist in the space between, not one or the other, but both?

How do we choose between gloriously dangerous love and consistently safe solitude?

How did we come up with our ideal? How can we tell ourselves the ideal doesn’t exist? How can we erase the ideal, erase our desire for it?

How did we ever start wanting everything, too much? How can we want for nothing? Should we?

How do we discover ourselves with others constantly watching, demanding a publicly accepted version of ourselves?

How do we escape without seeming insane, or without caring to seem insane? How can we escape and still believe we’re sane?

How can we keep ourselves from going numb, to avoid the uncontrollable emotions?

How can we begin to answer these questions?

How do we continue with nothing but questions?