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I lay here, where You once did.  Your body lithe against mine. I lay here, next to the shade that’s left of You.  A hollow, an imprint, a memory.  Your warmth lingers.

We met in the moment.  We met absent of time, absent of space, absent of distance. Our moments are many – surreal but familiar; impossible but real.

Always, You caress me deeply with your gaze.  A softly piercing stare, cutting to the core of me.  You cut through me. I delve into You.

Time is unaware of us. It cannot find You. And You harbor me, still.

The Universe does not stop.  It ceases to exist, external to us.  Within You, Your eyes, I get lost.  I am found.

All that I could conceive, has been erased.  All that I have conceived, You offer.

Dualities, fail. Separateness, dissolves.

You are my mirror.  We two are…I.