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I hope you know I’m here
even though not near
do I stand by your side.
And you, by which I bide
never loudly yell,
but to me you cry. I fell
inside your soul.
You screamed, a hole
of me to you
to find less than few.
Inside you scream,
never a dream
I bide to none other
than you, my lover.
Who, does he ever
not me sever,
by his silent shriek
to me, made weak
on subservient knees,
as nulled pleas
break the walls.
Not you – never stalls
never to pause nor to wait
or notice any state
of mine, bothered, awake –
any crises at stake.
You don’t see,
it is you for me,
when my estranged state
come to you in fate
and the only dilemmas have I
is your look I spy,
as askance, you dare,
through me to stare.
You mind not I
and I know not your eye
when you scream to me
from within silently.
I wish every time
I would not act a mime
to you but a needed seam
to hold your scream
and have you mind me
and not another silently.