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The majority of life’s sweetness remains unconsciously tasted, as most souls are asleep or lost. And in such a state of mind we focus too much on a vague but acute sense of lack, dearth. Unease seeps too deeply within us, forbidding our spirits from salience.

For what feels like half an eternity, I have sought… of what I never knew. I felt as though I held within me all the answers, but all the pieces were incoherently mixed.

Effortlessly, You have provided me the path, with the simplest and unassuming flickers of light, to see through the fog – the power to disperse it and finally see that which I had obscured.

I find my presence everytime Your gaze enters my eyes. And in each moment, as Your soul rises like heat pulling mine ever higher, I find that no longer do I fear being lost, for every moment lost ignites a new profound lucidity each time I am found. And to feel my own presence once again through Yours, a soft hum emanates from the realm beyond – around, between, and also within us – affording clear reception to and for Our heart and soul.