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Like never before, time removes all filters from my sight, showing true the lackluster existence I have so far known.  Laughter, smiles, expressed joy hang as false fronts to me, as my heart feels only melancholy to be a deeply true sentiment. 

Only now, with a forlorn heart, do my eyes recognize indifference embodies an insufficiency equal to utter depravity.  Resignation arrives as temporal constriction, bringing final acknowledgment of unfortunate inevitability –

Force, power, strength come not on the wings of control. 

Happiness often appears with unexpected relinquishment.  And as we recognize nearby voids, which continually disrupt and tarnish our souls, we must walk away.  With hesitant fear, our severance can occur instantly or with eventuality with equal burden. 

And with today’s progression, my heart knows not which path will emerge, but now sees clearly that one will – undeniably…