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Imagine if we could transfer thoughts, feelings, images, dreams, from one brain to another on a disk, like a DVD or CD.  Imagine having the ability to see through someone else’s eyes, someone else’s body.  To feel emotions, sensations as some else senses them and interprets them.

How enlightening it would be to compare different definitions of love, of joy, of sorrow. How educational to show one joyful person what deep depression feels like.  How insightful to show a stoic man how it feels to be an emotional woman.

And it wouldn’t be a singular feeling, a singular thought, or singular sensation.  It would be a conglomeration – a mixture of that person’s entirety in a single moment. And it wouldn’t be a merging of one person with another, one mind with another mind.  But the host would be the observer and notice even that which the progenitor could not.

Teach yourself to separate yourself from your ego in just such a way.  Become the observer of your Self.  Do not become the feeling, the emotion.  Do not let it take over your thoughts and actions. Allow it to wash over you.  Accept its arrival.  And watch.

Can you imagine?