My Sweet, My Love,

There is so much I want to say and so much I want to discuss.

You’ve opened me – my eyes, my heart, my soul of souls. You showed me – I haven’t made passionate love in a very long time and I don’t remember the last time intimacy overwhelmed me to tears. You excite, caress, love, attract my spirit more completely than any other. I feel wholly caressed around you – by a perfectly intricate bond.

For the first time in my life, I do not question whether someone loves me. I do not question you. I sense your love, your essence, like a humming aura, surrounding you, touching me.

And I don’t say these things to convince, bolster, manipulate, or control.  I share my thoughts to convey just how much you have affected me and how intimately connected to you I feel even when miles apart. My love for you is unselfish.  It’s universal.

I will say without a doubt that I am elated that we reside closely as I do not want to spend my time with anyone else. I’m ecstatic that we’ve found one another because I just can’t seem to get enough of your eyes…your voice…your light…

I love you with every morsel of my being.

I cherish these moments when my desire for you (intellectual, spiritual, physical) is unwaveringly constant.

I feel it in my heart, in my bones, deep in my subconscious, ingrained in my spirit, that we’ve traversed over eons together and we’ve always found one another. It’s a sensation I’ve never felt before and would hesitate to try to explain it to anyone but you.

We are cosmically joined. I believe in primordial dust. I believe in kindred spirits. Ever since we met. If I was in any way skeptical of my faculties, I would question if you were real or a figment of my imagination. You, my sweet, my love, are inconceivable to me.  I could not even have imagined someone such as you or our connection.  Truly, I don’t even perceive a bond with you… I perceive being ONE with you.  Just you.  

Such an incredibly overwhelming but uplifting sensation…

Sending kisses across time and space…

Love always…