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Wrapped within a warm, comforting silence, I dip my pen and beg for ink to flow. I close my eyes, in a fit of anxiety, to center my roaming thoughts of us, our journey. A persistent urge never resigns to sleep. I feel I must engrave, burn in tangible memory, the poignant crossing of our minds, our beings. As the tip kisses the parchment, only invisible words appear – a vision, a fading dream, too ideal to be inscribed. Unlimned are we, an instantaneous mingling of spirits, dissolving, impossibly, unseen borders too often left fortified.

My hand slowly moves the pen away from the page, reveling in it’s virginity. A faint smile tugs at my heartstrings. The soon felt urgency to put memory to page dissipates, leaving no trace. I resign, I allow surrender to wash over me. And as ink eventually seeps through the silence, I espouse the lifelong endeavor before me – to convey the ephemeral magnificence of our singular, cosmic love, a love unversed.

A challenge to which only a poet’s heart leaps, evermore.